Have your chosen tank expertly fitted with a pump dispensing solution by a local accredited Liquip distributor

All our SBTs can be packaged and be supplied fitted with high quality dispensing equipment, pumps, meters and fuel management systems. Our distributors offer many different fit-out options, enabling you to customise your dispensing to suit your requirements, such as adding a payment system or using solar energy to power your transfers.


Complete HOST turn-key dispensing solutions include:

  • Selection and advice on the best suited Self Bunded Storage Tank for the application at hand.

  • Choose from multiple pump dispensing and monitoring systems. Standard packages can be tailored and upgraded to meet an identified budget, flow rate, powering requirement, payment and monitoring options.

  • Delivery, installation and set-up of the tank on-site, along with commissioning. This allows the tank to be filled and operational faster.

  • On-going on-site servicing and maintenance options, taking the worry out of potential failures.

Complete turn-key Self Bunded Tank dispensing solutions

Our accredited Liquip distributors are pump design and installation experts. Many have over 30 years of experience in the fuel storage and transfer industry. From pipe design to pressure testing, pumping solutions, valve and hose work, they have ‘been there, done that’ many times over.


Every tank dispensing solution built is CAD drawn and designed before any work commences. This ensures that each piece of the pumping jigsaw will fit exactly and is able to be serviced and maintained easily and efficiently well after the final commissioning. Our electrical engineering team also design and draw all of the control panels, circuitry and wiring, to make sure it is installed to all relevant standards and is protected from accidental damage during the tanks operation. We are fanatical about the aesthetics as well as the operation of these systems.


Having extensive product knowledge and at times company employment experience with companies such as Ebsray, Regent, Macnaught, Franklin, Piusi, Smartfill and Compac – you can rest assured our distributors know how to supply a relaible and well build pumping solution. Other products such as FILL-RITE from the USA, Tecalemit from Germany, Yanmar electric start diesel engines, Liquip and OPW are also part of the trusted and commonly used brands on a HOST fit-out.


Regardless of your application we can provide a solution that addresses all types of powering solutions. Choose from:

  • Electric powered systems (24V and 240V)
  • Diesel powered systems
  • Solar powered systems
  • Air driven systems
All of these can be incorporated into the tank bund or using a remote skid mounted where required. Single or multiple tank combinations can also be designed, fitted and installed – offering large storage in the form of a tank farm.


Let us know your preferred dispensing requirement – we love a challenge. We’re sure you will be more than pleased with the solution we can provide. Distributors also have the necessary experience to provide you expert advice on a more standardised solution to meet a budget, utilising existing and proven solutions. Also, one of the major benefits of employing a local ‘one stop, one shop’ operation is that if any issue arises, when one company builds it, that one company will fix it quickly.

Our distributors all offer complete turnkey solutions. Standard Self Bunded Bulk Liquid Storage Tank dispensing packages can be designed to include:



  • Light Vehicle – 80 L/pm
  • Heavy Vehicle or high flow – 160 L/pm
  • Mining Equipment – 800 L/pm
  • AdBlue Solution Pump – On tank and Off Tank
  • Ebsray Unloading Pump – up to 1000 L/pm



  • SmartFill, Piusi, Compac, Transponder and others
  • White Card / Company Cards
  • CCDCA (Credit Cards)
  • Remote Reporting via Web (No Fees)



  • OPW Nano Tank Gauging
  • Remote viewing of tank volumes
  • High and Low Alarms



  • Electronic or Mechanical Registers
  • TCS meters or others



  • Liquip Loading Arms – up to 1800 L/pm
  • Liquip Control Consoles and Metering
  • Liquip Over Fill Control Systems
  • Liquip Dead Man Switch


Need advice on a pump dispensing or monitoring system?

Send us an e-mail and we’ll get your nearest distributor to give you a call to discuss the most suitable option for your tank.