We’ve mastered safer storage and dispensing of AdBlue (DEF)

  • Various sizes ranging from 3,000 L to 20,000 L

  • 10,000 L smaller footprint slimline tank option

  • Built to AS1692 and AS1940

  • Approved to safely store AdBlue (DEF)

  • Dispensing pump solutions: 40 – 800 L/pm

  • Stainless Steel internal tank

  • Stackable and moveable design

  • Fuel management packages (FMS) also available

HOST Self Bunded AdBlue Tanks

Our HOST Self Bunded AdBlue Tank range has arrived  – and it’s here to stay. The range comes in two convenient configurations. The first – a slimline stand alone SBT solution, suitable for service station forecourts. The second – a stackable design, enabling you to keep within the existing footprint. All HOST AdBlue tanks are self bunded and dual walled with a fully sealed stainless steel internal tank and steel outer tank. These tanks add to your environmental controls without adding to your space worries.


Available in five industry preferred sizes, starting at 3,000 litres and moving through to 20,000 litres, our insulated stainless steel internal tanks are A-class tanks. The insulation helps maintain a more consistently regulated temperature, avoiding premature expiry and the solution to remain at its highest quality.


And like all HOSTs, a variety of quality pump dispensing solutions and Fuel Management Systems (FMS) can be selected and fitted to customise the tank to supply the ideal storage solution. Complete turnkey pumping and fuel managements systems can be set up to your specifications on the tank or remotely to make it a mobile unit, ready for use anywhere.

HOST Self Bunded AdBlue Tanks – Sizes


A stack more in every tank

Key tank features are as follows:

  • Compliance and tested to AS1692 and AS1940
  • 12 mm double-walled, 6 mm external carbon steel and 6 mm internal stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Tank outer shell, steel with Epoxy coating – Stainless Steel internal tank
  • Self Fill Levels = 3,000 L, 5,400 L, 10,000 L (slimline), 11,500 L & 20,000 L
  • Stainless Steel tank with Hatch, 2 inch port and 3 inch ports
  • Insulated 40 mm between the two tank walls
  • Front door access, with heavy duty container locking bars
  • Pump – To be confirmed pending number of dispensers supplying
  • Blasted to 2.5, Primed and Painted in 2 coat Epoxy Marine grade, 260um minimum on exterior
  • Grate mesh on floor of pump bay
  • Manway on top to access internal Stainless Steel tank
  • Lifting lugs on roof
  • Forklift access points
  • Side access panels for remote pipe connections
  • Optional level gauge and sump sensor


High quality Stainless Steel fittings throughout to offer extra corrosion resistance and compliance

  • Stainless Steel Overfill valve fitted in tank
  • Stainless Steel Anti-syphon Valve fitted in tank
  • Stainless Steel piping – suction and fill line
  • Stainless Steel Drybreak, 2 inch adaptor fitted on fill line
  • Stainless Steel Y-Strainer, 2 inch fitted on Suction line

Need your tank fitted and ready to dispense? Our distributors all offer complete turn key solutions. Standard Self Bunded Bulk Liquid Storage Tank dispensing packages can be designed to include:



  • Light Vehicle – 80 L/pm
  • Heavy Vehicle or high flow – 160 L/pm
  • Mining Equipment – 800 L/pm
  • AdBlue Solution Pump – On tank and Off Tank
  • Ebsray Unloading Pump – up to 1000 L/pm



  • SmartFill, Piusi, Compac, Transponder and others
  • White Card / Company Cards
  • CCDCA (Credit Cards)
  • Remote Reporting via Web (No Fees)



  • OPW Nano Tank Gauging
  • Remote viewing of tank volumes
  • High and Low Alarms



  • Electronic or Mechanical Registers
  • TCS meters or others



  • Liquip Loading Arms – up to 1800 L/pm
  • Liquip Control Consoles and Metering
  • Liquip Over Fill Control Systems
  • Liquip Dead Man Switch

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