Hydrocarbon On-site Storage Tanks

Manufacturing a Self Bunded Tank is not as easy as most people think. There are several Australian standards that must be observed and met encompassing the manufacturing process and then when it comes to the use of the tank for storing bulk liquids.


The good news for tank buyers is we’ve done the leg work and built our tanks to met these legally required specifications, giving you peace of mind that HOSTs purchased through an accredited HOST distributor will deliver on safety and performance.


Add to this that all HOSTs are the dedicated result of a well established, experienced, long running North Queensland family owned and run business and you can rest assured you’re supporting Australian gold old know how and ingenuity.


Read on below to see just how well these tanks stack up on value, build and quality.

Self Bunded tanks from 1,000 to 115,700L

Where are our tanks made?

Our tanks are designed right here in Australia and are manufactured overseas under the guidance of our own Australian team of engineers, who work onsite. We have direct distribution agreements with the manufacturing facility and with numerous global equipment part manufacturers overseas and here in Australia. Unlike some SBT suppliers, we control the volume and supply of tanks as well as the design specifications required to met local and world class standards.


Having Australian staff onsite to monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process, it ensures the highest of production standards are met, making HOST a quality choice in the supply Self Bunded Tanks for bulk liquid storage. The main benefit of operating this type of overseas manufacturing facilities and having our staff on the ground is that pricing levels can be continually reviewed to offer the Australian market place arguably the most economical SBT solution, whilst still maintaining a very high level of quality.


Tank dispensing solutions offered with every tank

Tanks may be purchased as complete turnkey solutions or delivered unfitted so you can complete the set-up yourself. Our extensive Australian network of pump installation professionals, can provide you a true ‘one stop’ tank and pump solution service. Sites accredited to carry out these fit-outs can be found across the country. They can take direct delivery of the tank from our overseas manufacturing facility and complete the fit-out to requested specifications.


When purchasing a HOST we assess who is your closest accredited installer, allowing you to work directly with them and saving you on transport costs and time when it comes to delivery. Every one of our tanks, regardless of range, that leaves one of our accredited Australian fit-out specialists is wet tested and has quality assurance sign off. Installers also pre-commission the tanks they deliver and provide a 24 hour contact number for any issues that may arise or you need assistance with.

One other design feature of all Self Bunded HOST Tanks is that the unit rests on only the four corner posts.

Each corner post is hydraulically tested to 400 tons. This means that the tank bottom does not sit on the ground as most people assume. Therefore there is very little possibility that rust or corrosion will occur on the bottom of the tank. A good sand blast preparation and a solid bitumen coating will let the tank sit without problems for many, many, years. Use of world acclaimed paints and painting methods also assure that paint coatings can and are warranted for between 5 and 15 years, depending on the location and operation/maintenance of the tanks.

Save time by filling faster and fill higher with our hydraulic operated overfill valve – standard on all tanks.

Overfill valves have always caused frustration with the tanker drivers filling the tank, due to the nature of how they operate. The standard float activated valve’s float mechanism obviously moves up as the fluid level increases. As this is directly connected to a butterfly valve inside the fill tube, it starts to close and restricts the flow of fluid into the tank. As it gets higher, the valve closes further and the reduction in flow rate increases. Filling a tank with the standard valve arrangement can take a lot longer than expected. Tanker drivers and tankers sitting waiting to fill tanks is an expensive occurrence. All HOST Tanks styles now incorporate a hydraulically operated overfill valve that allows a very high flow rate and will not restrict the flow until just as it closes.


This means two things:
  • The tank fills faster and the driver and tanker are not wasting precious time
  • A much higher safe fill level can be achieved inside tank.

Making sure everything stacks up

It’s our job, not yours, that the Self Bunded Tank you buy will stack up on performance.

As with most compliance standards a lot is left to the person reading the document to make an interpretation, but basic rules must be adhered to. One of the requirements of Self Bunded Tanks is that the outer tank or interstitial space must be able to hold 110% of the tank capacity. This does not seem possible. In fact, what happens is that if a leak occurs in the inner tank wall, the fluid will then flow out into the outer interstitial space. At a certain point, the fluid will equalise between the inner tank and the outer tank. Thus the outer tank has captured the fluid leak, but utilises the inner tank as part of the catchment.


The design of these inner and outer tanks does not mean that a large cavity has to be between the walls. In fact only a very small space is required to catch any leaking fluid. It could be looked at as one shoe box being placed inside another shoe box that is very close to the same size. The interstitial space is also between the floors of the inner and outer tanks, and this space can be larger to allow dip sticks or measuring devices to be inserted to check for leakage.


Here at HOST we live by the performance and build quality of our storage solutions. It’s why you can trust us to supply Self Bunded Tanks and dispensing systems that do stack up on compliance requirements.


Have a question about Self Bunded Tanks?

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