Enjoy a smaller self bunded tank footprint, without compromising on performance and quality.

  • Six standard sizes ranging from 1,000 L to 10,000 L plus others

  • Built to UL142, AS1940, AS1692 and AS1757

  • Approved to safely store diesel, unleaded & leaded fuels, oil, food stuffs, chemicals and lubricants

  • Off Grid Solar Powered pump packages – up to 80 L/pm

  • Mains Power 240V or 12V Pump Packages – up to 100 L/pm

  • Pump Fuel Management System

  • Stackable and moveable design

HOST Self Bunded Tank Cubes

The HOST Cubes range of Self Bunded Tanks are available in a number of sizes from 1,000 L to 10,000 L*. These smaller footprint sized SBTs are the ideal choice when you require lower volumes of liquids to be stored and made readily available.


Manufactured to meet the Australian standards AS1940, AS1692, and AS1657, they are all Australian designed and certified tanks, which is a highly valuable feature should an emergency ever arise.


Combustible liquids including diesel and oil (either new or waste) can be safely stored and dispensed in any of our Cubes, along with many other popular fuel derivatives, chemicals and foods. These tanks can also store identified flammable liquids, when accompanied and updated with required safety alert signage and relevant venting options respectively.


With features such as all stainless steel fasteners, stainless plugs in all sockets, up to four suction and return points, our HOST Cube Tanks are known are leaders in their field. Manufactured in our group owned factories, you can rest assured that the quality and pricing will always be competitive, making the decision process simple and easy. They are also highly versatile and mobile, as they all have forklift points, enabling them to be easily relocated or moved around a site and are certified to be lifted when full using the four corner lifting lugs provided. Baffles inside each Cube also prevent fluid movement when handling and transporting. (The Cubes are fully compliant with ADG for the transport of Class C1 Diesel).


With a range of accessories such as overfill alarms, overfill valves, remote pump bunds and solar kits, our Cubes can be a valuable addition to the ISO Classic range of HOST tanks. If you are running generators, filling trucks and machinery, providing back up capacity for a service station, or storing your waste oil there is now a range that can do it all.


*The 10,000 L is a standard ISO 20’ container footprint but is only half the standard height.

HOST SBT Cubes – Tank Sizes


A stack more in every tank

Key features of every HOST Cube Self Bunded Storage Tank

  • Transportable with lockable cabinet on the front
  • Setup for diesel or petrol / ULP as standard
  • Fill Point – 80 mm (3″) with camlock adaptor and cap
  • Multiple options for drawing fuel from the tank
  • Solar powered pumping option –  providing 3 to 4 hours continuous pumping at 70 L/pm
  • Genset lines – suction and return ports
  • Forklift and crane lifting points
  • Hot dipped galvanised corner posts for protection
  • Stackable for transporting
  • Statutory decals fitted
  • Calibrated dipstick with quick view tank top gauge


Need your tank fitted and ready to dispense? Our distributors all offer complete turn key solutions. Standard Self Bunded Bulk Liquid Storage Tank dispensing packages can be designed to include:



  • Solar Pumping Off Grid (8 m Auto Nozzle) – up to 80 L/pm
  • 240 V Mains Power with mechanical meter – up to 100 L/pm
  • Fuel Management System – with pump packages Certifications



  • AS1692-2006 Steel tanks for Flammable & Combustible Liquid
  • AS1940-2004 The storage and handling of Flammable & Combustible Liquid
  • UL142 Aboveground Flammable Liquid Tank
  • Above ground Storage Tanks for Petroleum products

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